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Chromite Refractories

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Chrome magnesite refractory bricks are produced from sintered magnesia and chrome ore that has refractory level. Content of chrome-magnesite refractory bricks is generally, 15-35% Cr2O3 and 42-50% MgO whereas magnesite-chromite refractories contain at least 60% MgO and 8-18% Cr2O3. Bonding space between refractory grains is done with silicate.


Chrome Magnesite Bricks

Main advantages of chrome magnesite refractory bricks are good steady volume in high temperature, performance of meeting sharp cold and hot changed, resistance to corrosive slags and gasses and also have high refractoriness. Chrome magnesite refractory bricks are mainly used for;

  • Open hearth furnaces
  • Electric arc furnaces
  • Metallurgy furnaces
  • Cement rotary kilns
  • Glass kilns

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