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Bulk Ceramic Fiber

We supply bulk ceramic fiber as wholesale in classified temperature of 1260 °C 

Ceramic fiber bulk is produced by being spun into bulk fibers. It is the main material for the production of fiber insulation products with the characteristics of stable performance, long fiber, strong tensile, excellent thermal stability, clean and white color. It is also perfect material for sealing, filling and insulating in high-temperature environment.



  • Excellent insulating properties
  • Low heat capacity
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Good resistance to thermal shock
  • Resistance to pulverization at high temperature
  • Good resistance to erosion
  • Good springiness for fiber
  • Good resistance to burning
  • Excellent sound absorption


  • Filling material of wall lining of industrial furnace
  • Fillings for wall lining gap in high temperature furnace, heating device
  • High temperature materials for filtration
  • Insulation fillings for corner and complex space
  • Raw material of fiber textile
  • Raw material wet processed products
  • Raw material of fiber spraying, casting materials and coating materials
  • Raw material of wet method products
  • Stamping production of various special-shaped ceramic fiber seal products
  • Raw material for ceramic fiber blanket, module, board products
  • Fireproof materials for construction

Physical & Chemical Data

Al2O3 (%) 46-53
SiO2 (%) 47-54
Max. Temperature (°C) 1260
Density ( kg/m³) 250-400
Fiber Diameter (mikron) 3-6
Color Pure White

Note: Chemical & Physical specifications above are avarage values. It may change according to manufacturing and project.

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