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Fused Cast Alumina Refractories

We supply fused cast alpha beta alumina blocks for glass furnaces.

Alpha beta alumina is produced from alpha alumina and beta alumina crystals with the compact structure in a most proper rate. In contat with molten glass, Alpha beta alumina barely produces any blistering or stones. Because of that reason, alpha beta alumina blocks may be widely used in glass contact end zones of furnaces when glass quality is the priority.


Characteristics of Fused Cast Alpha-Beta Jargal Blocks

  • High refractoriness
  • Better resistance to glass liquid
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Barely produces any blistering
  • Barely produces any stones

Fused Cast Alpha Jargal Blocks Applications

  • touching melting glass of refiner
  • end zones of glass furnaces 
  • working tank of glass furnaces
  • feeder channels of glass furnaces
  • superstructures of glass furnaces
  • lipstone of glass furnaces