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Custom Size Refractory Bricks

Refractory Blocks, bricks, plates, tubes and any other standard shaped refractories in customised sizes according to your needs

In some occasion, standard size refractories do not meet your requirements. In our Refractory Processing Factory, we cut and shape standard size refractory blocks, bricks, plates or tubes into smaller size in order to fit your needed size.


Custom Sized Refractory Bricks

We cut any refractory bricks into smaller size according to your requirements.


Custom Sized Refractory Blocks

We cut any refractory blocks into smaller size as you desired.


Custom Sized Refractory Plates

We produce custom sized refractory plates from blocks, bricks or larger plates by cutting according to customer request.


Custom Sized Refractory Tubes

We cut standard length refractory tubes into required length to fit your needs.

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